Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Burbank, California

How long have you been walking backwards, leading tours? Ten months

Major: Communication

Minor: Japanese

What is your favorite thing about Davis, the town?
I love how cozy it feels! It really reminds me of Stars Hollow from the show "Gilmore Girls."

What is the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about Ƶ Davis?
How many things students can get involved in. Exploring new Ƶ really opened my eyes to how much happens at Ƶ Davis.

How did you find your community on campus?
A lot of the friends I still have today are people I met in . But I have met a lot of other people by making study groups and joining different organizations on campus.

What challenges have you overcome as part of university life?
I was really homesick when I first moved to school, but finding a routine helped me a lot in establishing a new part of my life here at school.

Best advice you’d give to someone aiming to attend Ƶ Davis?
Get excited, and never be afraid to try something new! This is a new phase of your life, and there is a lot to look forward to.