A number of principles, policies and procedures govern how Ƶ Davis does business, treats individuals and asks its community to behave respectfully.

Principles of Community

The , first written in 1990, are designed to promote inclusiveness and respect in the work and learning environment at Ƶ Davis. Leadership representing our administration, faculty, staff and students has reaffirmed — and improved upon —these values over the years.

Policies and procedures

, a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.

In addition, the university is committed to protecting personal privacy and information collected from its departmental and official Web pages.

Beyond these protocols, the (PPM) is issued by the Administrative Policy Office and is the official source for Ƶ Davis policies and implementing procedures. Policies apply to all units under the jurisdiction of Ƶ Davis — whether located in Davis, in Sacramento, or at off-site locations — unless otherwise noted.

A Culture of Safety

Ƶ Davis values the well-being of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment for the entire community. Our promote best practices and a responsive approach to protect people, facilities and resources.